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In silence and with relaxing music we prepare our pompom with the materials needed and later the children will brush it pompon over their face, neck and hands being aware of the relaxation that it provides to them.

Art Therapy” in pre-primary; painting with ice

First session: First we told the story of "Perdut i trobat" which is about a penguin who appears one day at the door of a child's house. The boy searches around and asks if anyone has lost a penguin. Finally, he takes the penguin to the South Pole, because he thinks that his home is there, but the penguin wants to return with the boy. As a result of the story we talked about the south pole, which is made up of ice and snows and it is very cold. We thought about how we could make ice in our school and we came to the conclusion that we would have to put water in the freezer. We filled a few glasses of water, then put a few drops of food coloring in them and some popsicle sticks so we could paint with them once they were frozen. Second session: The next day we collected the glasses of colored water that we had left in the freezer and we painted on cardboards using the ice, to create a background that we would later use for our drawing about the story.


We feel and touch the sand with our fingers, making drawings, creating sculptures, erasing and creating again.

With sand, we work through our emotions, feelings and we are conscious to focus on mindfulness, being here and now.



Art therapy is very good way option for the practicing of mindfulness. Art creates a direct connection with ourselves and the world around us through the different senses. During art activities, teachers provide a safe space for expression where students use the most appropriate artistic technique without going through verbalization.They spontaneously expresses what is lived and felt. The points worked on in this artistic activity are the following: - There is no judgment of the result of the activity. Everything is fine. - Be in the present moment. - Rely on their own resources. - Work from the process without looking for a result. - Stop the mind. - Work from the senses - Develop the observation of the mind and the relationship between imagination and reality.


Painting wiht soil plants with the four years students.

First: We planned the experience, then We felt the sensation touching the soil, and the last part theymixed the soil with water and painted with the mud.

They enjoyed a lot with this exercise touching and feeling and creating with mud.

Learning about autumn(4-5 years activity)

We are learning about autumn with our little students, taking into account the changes in the environment. After, we've coloured by using our toys with the colors of  autumn, orange and brown.

We enjoy drawing shapes with different moulds and colors, we've done great.

Cooking a traditional Spanish recipe

A traditional recipe from the area is worked with the students. The ingredients of the recipe are reported. The students observe, touch, smell and finally taste the final product. With this activity we have achieved good teamwork and a positive coexistence. The students have been the protagonists of their learning.


First of all you have to prepare the “easel”. We simply turn the tables that we support on other small tables. We make sure they don't move easily. Then we wrap the film around the legs of the table several times, it must be very taut. In this way and we would have the transparent canvas ready to paint. The result was very satisfactory, since a very relaxed atmosphere was created where our students could give free rein to their creativity and experience the sensation of painting on a transparent material while listening to calm music.

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Creating a Mandala with objects

The group sits in the shape of the letter U and places a square cloth on the floor. In the center is a pumpkin. One by one, in order and in silence, they take an element and place it following the premise of creating a harmonious and beautiful pattern. Boys and girls have enjoyed creating different patterns in a relaxed way and with a lot of attention.

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