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This Project has been designed to discover ways to improve pupils in emotional, social and personal ways. Project activities are supposed to set up a growth mindset for kids, parents and teachers so that they can learn and live with a calm mind in a positive atmosphere. We aim to help them become lifelong learners.

Project Coordinator - Consortium Leader

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The history of the district dates back to the 7th century BC. Its first name was known as “Myrlea”. It was founded by the Colophonians from 12 Ionian city-states. Mudanya was conquered by Orhan Bey in 1321 and joined the Ottoman lands. The agreement that ended the Turkish War of Independence was signed in Mudanya and was named the Mudanya Armistice. The population of Mudanya district is 102,523 according to the 2020 general census. Olive cultivation is the primary source of income for the people of the district. There are other activities such as viticulture, fig export and fishing. Our district is a popular summer resort area thanks to its historical texture and sea tourism opportunities. 2 Sea buses and 1 Ferry connect Mudanya to other Marmara cities, especially Istanbul.

There are 34 personnel working under the Mudanya District Directorate of National Education. There are 91 schools in total, 39 official and 52 private, in the district. In these schools, 2344 teachers serve 20875 students. Our project is the first Erasmus + project of our directorate.

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