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Think and draw at least 5 things that make you truly happy and bring a smile to your face. Also when drawing use „happy colors“ to make the picture more alive.This exercise also helps to realize that there are many things, whether small or big, that bring a smile to our face.

tähtis 2022-11-15 171831.png


Seatmates got 1 cardboard plate and 4 corks. Seatmates decide whose gouache paints they use. They needed 4 different colours. Where was tried to imitate trees in autumns colour. The colours were yellow, orange, red and green. Paints were put on plate. You needed to start with stem and branches. Tree leaves are made with cork print

Students worked with great interest.


                        Make art with sandwich



Making sandwiches from cucumbers grown together on the classroom window. Sandwiches designed and made by yourself are the most delicious. Students can cut cucumbers, ham and other ingredients into different shapes.



Students make a paper portrait of themselves. They also point out their own characteristics that stand out the most for them. This task helps to understand how they see themselves.

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