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We have used a guided relaxation activity in our gym, where the children, through meditation, visualize a bright star. This star is theirs, and they can play, feel and reach for it. Through this exercise, they practice focusing on the present moment.

We practice yoga at school.


We need to find a way to learn and teach students to enjoy the here and now and the mindfulness, to be calm and balanced. With the practice of yoga in the classroom, we encourage the integral growth of children and help them to be concious of a good emotional health. The students of 4th and 3rd of CEIP La Xara have been doingyoga sessions where they worked body awareness and relaxation.

Year 5 and 6 Jumps (mindfulness)

The children jump for 1 minute. Then they sit down with their eyes closed and their hands on their chests to feel their breathing and heartbeat. This activity helps them to become aware of the sensations in their body.

Couples massage.

It is an appropriate technique that will help them relax and concentrate better. Choose calm music. Gently massage your partner's back. They can use materials such as stress balls...

In the first session, the activity is presented and the students are encouraged to look at home for information about the legend that gives rise to the dream catcher. -In the second session there is a sharing of the different information collected by the students regarding the legend and a small debate is opened with open questions about it. -In the third session, the dream catcher begins to be made. The central part of the cardboard plate is cut out and the dream catcher is freely decorated. The necessary holes are also made to pass the wool and the decorative strips. -In the fourth session, the students are given the choice of a piece of wool from among different colors. Fixing the end of this to a hole of their choice, the students begin to make the “net” of their dream catcher. Once finished, the end of the wool is fixed to another hole in the plate. -In the fifth session the students are given three strips of white wool and various beads to be inserted into them. Each white strip will end with a different colored feather. A knot is made at the end of the white strip to prevent the beads from falling out and these are tied to the corresponding holes. A small bow is tied at the top that will act as a hanger. The activity is finished.

dream catcher.png
catch dreamer 2.png

In mixed groups, one throws the dice and they must do the posture that is their turn; each time a member of the team will roll the dice. Apply yoga activities to other areas of life; use your breath to relax and focus in class... To be patient and tolerant with others.

yoga amb dausl.png
yoga daus 2.png

Relaxation workshop

The relaxation sessions are carried out in a classroom that is conditioned with carpeting. First we carefully observe the materials and we play with them manipulating them, we notice the different textures, observing how the fluids or purpurin of the sensory materials go down. Next, using the same material, they massage their partner. Then they switch roles.

youga cinque.png

The boys and girls stand in a wide space, begin to breathe and placing the palms of their hands together in front of the heart, begin to practice yoga following the exercises in the video.

yoga infantil.png

Mindful books

1. Visiting feelings (Dr. Lauren Rubenstein)

2. "Silence" by Lemniscates

3. "Shy spaghetti and excited eggs" by Marc Nemiroff

4. "The mixed up Chamaleon" by Eric Carle

Mindful schools worbooks

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