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The purpose of creating these tools is to give the student, who needs to calm down, the opportunity to be alone and to divert his thoughts from the factors that caused the irritation.

Stretch sheet

The purpose of using a stretch sheet is to divert the student's mind from worries.

Crawl in and stretch your legs forward.

Crawl in and reach out your hands.



A nice big pillow invites the student to sit comfortably and look out the window and relax.


1. "Look out the window and find four colors!"

2. "Look out the window and say what you see!"

3. "Look out the window and count to ten!"

4. "Look out the window and take three slow breaths in and then out!"

5. "Look out the window and think about what good you did yesterday!"

Screenshot 2023-03-17 144625.png

The tree of good thoughts.

In front of you is a tree of good thoughts and feelings. Today the tree is quiet but each new leaf grown on the tree makes the tree livelier and happier. You will become happier too.

Proceed as follows: Find the leaves you like. Read what is written on them. Attach the leaves on the branches. When you have attached all the leaves you notice that the sun is shining, the sky is covered with light transparent clouds and the birds are singing. You’re smiling!

Heade mõtete puu.jpg

Button picture

An exciting and colourful world of buttons awaits you. To make the picture more lively, get to know the pictures in the box and choose the most suitable for you. Look in the box for buttons in the colour you like. Compose a similar picture from buttons or cover an already pre-provided picture. Happy crafting!


Calming pancakes

The basket contains delicious relaxation pancakes! Focusing on them takes your mind off your worries.


1. "Take a pancake and squeeze it and make a wish! Repeat this action three times!”

2. "Take the pancake and squeeze it gently, then pat it back into a pancake!"

3. "Take the pancake and squeeze it and think about the smell of the pancake!"

4. "Pick up a pancake and squeeze it and think about what flavor pancakes you've eaten!" etc. You can come up with all kinds of activities.

5. You can also fantasize: "If a pancake answered your question, what would you ask it!" etc.

geopuzzle (2).jpg

Emotions (emoticons) map, intensity of emotions

The student draws his emotion on the worksheet or chooses the appropriate card from the emotion cards and places it on the worksheet. The emotion on the worksheet is then covered with other emotion cards that are positive. He hides the negative cards under the worksheet. All cards with bad emotions are hidden, only positive ones are visible.

Hourglass breathing

Good way to do breathing exercise and take a moment to breath is with help of hourglass. Turn the hourglass and take big breaths until the sand has stopped running. Kids can do it before, after the class, or when you see that someone starts to have hard time.

Hourglass breathing .JPG

A jar of good thoughts/actions

The purpose of the jar is to give the child a good wish or an activity that should take his thoughts away, help calm him down and stay positive. The jar consists of 25 good thoughts and actions. If the child is in a bad mood and needs to calm down, the child takes a rolled-up note from the jar, there may be a good wish or a small activity that he needs to do.


Geometrical puzzle

A puzzle game of geometric shapes.


You have seven geometric shapes: two large, one medium and two small triangles, and one square and one parallelogram. Place these pieces on the provided base and assemble a large square from these pieces.

Follow the rules of the game:

you must use all seven pieces;

the pieces must touch each other;

the pieces must not be placed on top of each other.

Emotsioonide kaardid.jpg

Follow the line

To calm town and to get your mind of, try to find right object by following the line. Teacher can say with object they have to find or they can find all matches.

Follow the line.JPG
Heade mõtete_tegevuste purk.jpg

Colouring pages (by colour)

The purpose of painting a picture is concentration and manual action. By doing a manual activity, the child can be calm. The child has to colour the picture according to the number in the figure. The picture shows different shapes with numbers on them, each number corresponds to a specific colour.

Draw your breathing

It is good to do this exercise on the board, taking chalk and starting to draw a line in the rhythm of your breathing. In other words, the line rises when you inhale and falls when you exhale. The goal would be that when looking at the final picture, the so-called breathing wave is larger.

Draw you breathing .JPG
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